From the moment I moved to London, I loved sitting in the front seat of a double decker bus. It’s like going to the cinema. It never gets boring, the big screen keeping you entertained.

Twenty/Six is a series of photographs taken on the 26 bus from Hackney Central to Waterloo Station and back on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Encouraged by the photographs, I wanted to continue the project and get on every single London bus. Up until today, Twenty/Six remains the only series of pictures.

Actors waiting

It’s July 1985 and while Rock and Roll’s great are strutting their stuff at Wembley, Steve Marriott is propping up the bar of a dingy pub in Putney, waiting to play to a small crowd of boozers.

The short film Midnight of My Life, starring Martin Freeman as Steve Mariott was directed by Phil Davis and produced by Hatty Hodgson. Hatty asked me to take a few photographs on set. I quickly got interested in the moments between takes.  Actors waiting, (mostly) unaware of being photographed.