Pascal Bergamin - Filmmaker

Photograph by Paul Miso

Portraits of Dangerous Women (Comedy/Drama)

Feature film in post-production

A bored teacher, bold caretaker, passionate art dealer and young maverick meet through a bizarre road accident. At first they don't seem to have much in common, but they soon develop a genuine interest in each other, and as their pasts unravel, forge odd alliances and friendships.

Starring Tara Fitzgerald, Mark Lewis Jones, Yasmin Monet-Prince, Jeany Spark, Anette Badland, Abigail Cruttenden, Sheila Reid, Joseph Marcell, David Mumeni, Cavan Clerkin, Ellen Robertson, Colin Hurley, Pedro Leandro, Gary Shelford, Nick Cavaliere, Benjamin Clarke

Nice Guy (Crime/Drama)

An unemployed stay at home dad begins venturing out at night. Befriended by a group of petty criminals and strippers, he begins to feel alive. But when he is implicated in a murder, he finds himself indebted to a psychotic gangster and is drawn into a world of violence that threatens his life and his family's safety.