Nice Guy

An unemployed stay at home dad begins venturing out at night. Befriended by a group of petty criminals and strippers, he begins to feel alive. But when he is implicated in a murder, he finds himself indebted to a psychotic gangster and is drawn into a world of violence that threatens his life and his family's safety.

Cast & Crew

Directed by Pascal Bergamin
Written by and Starring Cavan Clerkin

Cavan Clerkin (Pulling, Babylon), Doug Allen (Band of Brothers), Martin Askew (Snow in Paradise), Abigail Blackmore, Andrew Brooke (PhoneShop), Juliet Cowan (Skins, Shameless), Jon Foster (The IT Crowd), John McGuinness

“A very impressive film”
Robert Jones, Producer
Hard Eight, The Usual Suspects

“A strong film, with powerful performances”

“Like in Drive or Down Terrace the shadowy threat of violence lingers in the background”

“An edge-of-seat- experience with a truly excellent revelation”