Creative Heads – Ursula Jones-Strebi (2019)

Creative Heads is a micro-documentary series commissioned by CH+UK (Cultural Department of the Embassy of Switzerland) and Presence Switzerland.

Ursula Jones was born in 1932 in Lucerne. She moved to London in her early 20s to learn English and has lived there ever since. Ursula started working with the Philharmonic Orchestra where she met Philip Jones, her future husband. Today she focuses on young musicians and helps them to organize concerts and expand their network. In 2010 she was appointed OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for her services to music.

At The Gallows (2009)

Summer of 1633. A soldier guards a corpse at the gallows. The area is known for its witches, rumoured to be stealing corpses and using body parts for their strange rituals. The soldier falls asleep and awakes to find the body has disappeared. He panics and flees into the forest where he comes across a seductive woman. She lures him to her house where a dark and sinister night unfolds. Lust, fear and delusion mingle into a frenzied night as the mysterious woman proposes an unexpected solution to the problem of the missing corpse.

Staila Crudanta (Falling Star, 2005)

Staila Crudanta (Falling Star) tells about two moments in Curdins and Leas life: Encounter and separation. Lea visits her grandparents who celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary in a small restaurant in the mountains. There she meets Curdin, a young man from the area. They fall in love. At her grandparents funeral a few months later they realise that their love story is coming to an end as well.

Opus Nr.1 (2002)

Experimental film shot on a 16mm Bolex camera.